Professional and sport garments for extreme conditions

We specialize in the manufacture of working and sports clothes for extreme conditions, which protect their wearers' against rain, wind, frost, dust, and also fire and bacteria. We are one of the largest manufacturers of GORE-TEX® clothing and equipment in Europe.

All working clothes undergo laboratory testing!

Licences and certification

  • ISO 9001:2001 certification
  • AQAP certification for production for NATO
  • Crosstech material manufacturer certificate
  • American GORE company license for GORE-TEX® materials
  • EU certificates for professional firefighters' clothes manufacturing


Military working clothes protect their wearers in the most extreme conditions - water, frost, dust, wind, bacteria, provide camouflage in the country, desert and infra-red spectrum. Design and production of prototypes meet the highest demands of the 21st century equipment.


  • Breathable waterproof clothes draining vapour from wearer's body
  • 2 and 3 layer materials from GoreTex
  • Ultra light and ultra space-saving
  • High durability
  • Many washing and cleaning cycles
  • Uniforms
  • Jackets, trousers, coats, overalls, vests
  • Production of prototypes and testing samples
  • Laboratory testing


We produce special suits, overalls, jackets, trousers and classic uniforms for the police, law enforcement and security agencies. We successfully participate in government contracts in the Czech Republic and we also carry out production for other winners of government contracts from all over Europe.


  • Special working clothes for emergency units
  • Protective clothes from two to three-layer laminate and fireproof clothes
  • Jackets, trousers, overalls, vests
  • Uniforms
  • Production of prototypes and testing samples
  • Laboratory testing

Railways, transport, energy sector and post offices

These are "high visibility" working clothes - jackets, trousers and overalls from klima membrane for field workers, protecting them against adverse weather conditions.


  • High level of visibility
  • Waterproof including welded seams
  • Protection against rain, wind and dust
  • High working comfort
  • Draining vapours from wearer's body eliminating condensation effect
  • High durability, good for washing at 60°C
  • Universality for rapidly changing temperatures and weather

Working and special garment:

We are capable of manufacturing any kind of working or corporate clothes based on your request - clothing for hotels, restaurants, cafés and bars, clothing for companies and institutions, etc.

Main advantages of our working garments:

  • Low weight
  • Long durability
  • Problem-free maintenance
  • Resistance to water, dust, fire
  • Reflection according to EN 20471
  • Antistatic fabric features on request
  • Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Other
  • Uniforms