We are number one in the manufacturing of genuine clothes in the Czech Republic and EU since 1931. What we bet on? On the golden Czech hands. On the cutting edge manufacturing technology. As well as the well coordinated team of 200 dedicated employees. We export our fashionproducts to Switzerland, England, Scotland, Austria and Germany, but we are proud patriots and dress mainly Czech men!

Our technology

Years of experience have brought effective production programs and production technology proven to the last stitch. Our customer has a perfect service from A to Z: from the prototype design through sizing up to the completion of a final fashion piece.

Technical equipment:

  • Lectra
  • Investronica
  • Automated cutting lines
  • Lectra Vector FX Cutting machine
  • Cutting edge sewing machines
  • Welding machines, automatic machines from JUKI and Pfaff
  • Modern ironing equipment BRISAY and INDUPRESS

Department of design

The specialized design and model departments create over 150 models, prototypes and samples of our own collection of clothes each year + prototypes based on the customers’ requirements.

Our production lines and departments are organized to provide customers with high quality, complexity and flexibility in addressing requirements and the best service.

Třešť clothing cooperative history


The Třešť clothing cooperative was established in 1931 as an association of the local tailors. This merger was a response to the global economic crisis and the recession of all manufactures including textiles and clothing.

Production program

As the company grew, it was also gradually given “government” orders for the production of custom clothing such as gendarmerie and military uniforms. The production continued even after the WWII. In the time of planned economy, the production of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear garments expanded significantly. The products were available at retailers in the entire Czechoslovak Republic.

Own production facility

The production areas were no longer suitable and in the 70’s the company built a new plant in Třešť. The plant then provided all the production with regards to the ready-to-wear garments, as well as comprehensive services for the public in the field of men’s and women’s apparel, fur garments, knitwear and linen.

Situation after November 1989

The post-November changes had the company modify its orientation in the acquiring of new contracts. Apart from the local market the company established stable business relationships with international partners, primarily from Italy, Austria, Germany and United Kingdom.

Start of production of professional clothing

In addition to the ready-to-wear garment, the company launched the production of professional clothes with GORE-TEX and NOMEX technologies, e.g. fire fighting clothing or protective clothing for the Czech Armed Forces.

The “made to measure” program

Since 2004 Vývoj has been offering a production program based on the made to measure system, “měřenka” in Czech. Men’s jackets and suits are made directly for a particular end customer. The popularity of this program with our clients grows steadily, so besides quality, Vývoj pays close attention to the fashion trends to make sure the customers will always be in.


We emphasize the expansion of custom-made clothing which suit the current requirements and needs of the customer – he wants the originality of his outfit, the clothing expresses his personality and specialization. Our new salon in Prague takes care of the most demanding customers. Because the salon is very successful, we plan on opening more salons in Slovakia and Austria.

We gradually expand our own retail network in the Czech Republic + keep expanding our production capacities for GoreTex products such as fire fighting clothes, outdoor and working clothes.