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October 2018


We specialize in the manufacture of working and sports clothes for extreme conditions, which protect their wearers’ against rain, wind, frost, dust, and also fire and bacteria. We are one of the […]


Ladies’ fashion

Even ladies won’t get a raw deal. We carefully search for genuine dresses, impressive purses, chic shoes and jewellery just for you, highlighting the women’s beauty. Visit us in Brno



A king without a crown, sceptre and other accessories? A half-king! With the perfect suit you simply need to wear the perfect shirt, ties, belt…


Tailored suits

Since the times of the First Republic we have been sewing exclusively in Czech workshops – the hands of the Czech tailor are made of gold and we stand for it!


Formal suit

When to put on men’s suit Every man needs to have a timeless men’s suit in his wardrobe – for a wedding, a dream job interview or graduation of his first-born. It […]