The highest class of men's suit! Today it is considered a historical relic or a diplomat's garment. But a person who knows how to wear it can enjoy wearing it at any special event. Even today, a men's dress suit is rightfully called the suit of musicians and conductors.

What is my suit made from?

From the highest quality fabric, we pay close attention to it: from pure shear wool, silk, linen and a mixture containing elastic lycra fibre. We buy our materials from the best master weavers in Italy, France, United Kingdom and Portugal.

Sizes, colours & cut

We sew ready-to-wear clothes in the sizes of the European HAKA size range with a generous selection of standard, extended or shortened sizes for all body-types. We will provide you with a dark, light, plain or patterned suit. We watch the latest trends for you, so that our tailor-made cuts are sparkling, yet timeless, no half-a-year fads. We care about your comfort and well-being!

How much it cost

A tailcoat can be tailored to you from CZK 14 900.


Own production in Czech workshops from first to last stitch!

Material and cuts

We keep tracking trends for you. This corresponds to our cuts – sparkling, yet timeless.

Custom design

The professional construction workplace and model shop create more than 150 models and prototypes annually.